Thursday, 22 March 2012



Feeling is Awesome...   I did few cards today and felt in heaven.Must be wondering why? Herez the list  [ LOL!! ]

Well, am married for a year now and life has become too hectic to spare some time for my own self. Guess all u married women can very well understand what I mean here :) Even if u have nothing to do which wont happen though, there is alwayz a long list of work to be done. Confused! Even I am ;) And sparing some time for me myself and being in kraftworld meant like re-living!! Divine feeling..

Now creating something new in itself gives a feeling of bliss. But if your husband compliments you for you work  your JOY doubles, triples !! :) I am happy to share, I have found my Kraft partner in my life partner. Life, what else u need.... :)

Miles to go...  Miles to go..!!

Smiles :) :)

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