Monday, 12 March 2012

Its always better to be Late then Never..

Hellos Frens,

Before I begin further, here is my little story for your all. A confession Or An Introspection!!

I have always loved to paint and craf in my free time. I keep trying my hand at different forms of art now and then. It gives me immense pleasure, peace and satisfaction. Its my hobby, Its my love.!! :) And I have been trying for long to start something more on this..

But donno what kept me WAITING! May be I was too judgmental or too shy to share & express… Or simply I was just too lazy!! ;) There can be hundreds of reasons to defend such actions like… office takes most of the time, commutation is a problem, things at home, petrol price rising,  no good movie this week, marriage, India losing in cricket and so on & on..  ;) They may b logical or they may be not! Who cares ?? :)

In this super duper fast life, there is so much that is missed out by waiting for the right time to come. But now I have realized these are things which will always keep going in Life. So I have decided I will not let these excuses lead my life. Right time would never come…

This is the very moment to live life! So here I come :)

Smiles :) :)

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