Sunday, 22 April 2012

Name Plaque with the directions!

Hellos all
I did name my house with my own crafted name plaque. Yipppee!! It was a mastam feeling for me :) Especially when my dear husband appreciates and feels proud of what little I do in my kraft world. And to hear good words from near and dear ones just adds to the confidence. I am just loving the feel !!

Generally I have seen sign boards on a rectangular strip on the outer main wall. I wanted to do something different and design it to help point the direction to our house. Currently we stay in rented accommodation on the 1st floor of the house. We decided to hang the sign board on the wall along with steps. So base design was made in arrow sign.This way sign board is visible from the main gate and also clearly points the direction to our Home Sweet Home! Itz a happy feeling to design and customise it according to the requirement!
Smiles J

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