Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A note of Thanks.!

Hellos Frens,

This post is dedicated to 2 beautiful ladies who let my kraft engine start. You both are an inspiration to me! Heartfelt thanks to you both!! Hugs and Kisses :) Here goes the Story :

Phase 1:
As a child I have made cards and other things, gifted to frens and family. But never thought of doing anything more with this. It was during my “CS study break” after my first job in 2007, when one of my very good friend- Deepshikha Sarda [I share my first name with her :) ] told me about her work and efforts in the field of crafting. It was then when I discovered that I can also take this hobby to a new level. It can be more than just a hobby !! Cudnt stop myself and I made few cards that time itself -  with all little time and resources I could take out from my hectic study schedule. I had very basic resources, mostly collected from old cards and basic color sheets. I gifted "all" that I made to my fren and now my husband – Ashish Khurana.

Kudos to Dees for being able to manage craft with her married life duties and responsibilities of her lovely daughter Lipi . She is doing great and I wish her all the best for future.! You can find her work here

Phase 2:
I was back to job and I had relocated to Bangalore now. Was trying to settle down with new place, new people, new office, new Life!! Doing art and craft was alwayz on my mind but somehow could manage time or may be couldn’t priorities things. I was happy being in my dream world and was enjoying lazzyig around!

Battery was running out and there was need to put in some fuel to charge it again… :) It was then, when one my friend introduced me to Juhi and her create world. For a while I just kept hearing about her work and her exhibitions coming up. Ity was in 2009, when I got a chance to visit one of her exhibitions she had put in Jayanagar, Bangalore. It was my first experience of “Love @ First Sight” . Her work simply amazed me. She has been a inspiration since ever since! Her work has grown day by day. And she has managed to keep her passion going very well with her married life and hectic job @ hand! You can see her work here.

I feel all credit to what I am today goes to them! Who knows I still might have been waiting for the time to come... or may have found another way to reach here !!  But for me these 2 angels have played a important role in my life's journey :)

Heartfelt thanks to both of you!

Smiles :) :) 

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