Thursday, 19 July 2012

Fun with kids!

Hellos all,

It was time for summer holidays.. and a constant in and out of guests at home. So couldn't find the time to update the blog but yeah managed to make and create some craft work.
Since summer vacation is for kids so this month was dedicated to them. I made a name plaque for my nephew -  Poojan. He has just started going to school. I met him for the first time after my marriage so planned to gift him something special which is unique and is specially crafted for him.  Though  I liked the outcome myself but wanted him to share his own feelings. He is 2. Am I too demanding ?/ ;) I will have to wait to hear his  "valuable" remarks :P But yeah, I will be glad bhaiya bhbahi liked it :) Here is a pic for u ... please do share ur feedback, means a lot to me.

But most of the time last month was spent in helping my niece - Paavni do her holidays homework.  Charts, Alphabets, recycled products, colors, craft - all this made me remember my good old school days. Meethu is what we all call her with love. She is my sweetheart! I just adore her. I can spend all my day and night playing with her. So I was all happy that I got this chance to work with her highness [LOL!!].  Unlike last year, this time I made efforts to teach her to do her homework herself. It was a such wonderful and experience makings her understand various techniques and in parallel letting her own creativity flow. This has also motivated me to make some tutorials for kids. Hope to come with few in near future..

Happy Holiday!!

Smiles :) :)

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