Wednesday, 12 September 2012

"Framed" Frames!!

Hello frens,
Last week I played with my paper craft kit and tired some scrapbooking, frames and cards. Bliss!! Could stop myself and was working day and night. It is difficult at time to manage job and kraft alongwith but if u love ur work then its no more work. Wat say?
And yess hard work does pay.. After a long I was little happy with the output – both in quantity and quality :P Yippee!!Only the frame were looking a bit incomplete. So I gave the frames to the carpenter for wooden framing around it.Tough it was to decide the frame, style and the pricing.!  But I was happy to see the results. Herez a pic of one of those Framed frames :)

I am still experimenting with this art.. Your feedback would be really appreciated.
Smiles :) :) 

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