Thursday, 11 October 2012

Happy B'day Princess!!


It was my niece’s 5th Birthday on 9th October. And I want to do something special for her. What better than a name plaque for her room from my kraft world.!!I knew the gift has to appease her as well as her parents to go on her room wall. So surly will have to come up  with something new and unique.Guess she is my toughest client ! Coz I am never satisfied with what all little I do for her. She is my darling :) God bless her!

Her name is PAAVNI. 6 letters and so many designs. After all discussions and arguments with my own self I concluded to make 6 different alphabets reading her name.Wooden alphabets were then designed with her blue base and little yellow flowers to give it a “girly” look and feel! Each alphabet will be hung individually on the wall with double sided tape. 

There was b’day party planned for her. So we decided to use and hang it on the wall of party hall.  So it was the privilege of my gift to be opened up by little princess as her first gift from the stock.Her expression are must watch. I tell you she is gonna rock the Bollywood if allowed to enter :) My little rockstar! I managed to take a click from the party hall. Since there was no clear wall it was hung on the glass (sob sob!! ). Nevertheless it is going to be hung in her room very soon..

Smiles :) :)

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