Friday, 14 December 2012

Cards, Cards and More cards..

Holla frens,
I have been busy for past few weeks in the completing the orders of name plaques and photo frames. I loved doing every bit of it.. And truly, with every new product my learning curve takes a rise. I simply hopes it keeps going the same way.. :)
Frames and plaques are bit heavy loaded work, so to take a little break and make something light I did some cards this week. I tried 2 themes this time. One was "magic of 2 colors" and other was new type of cards called "Easel cards". It was fun doing both.. Will be sharing pictures of Easel card in this post and the other one in next...
Here are pictures of one of the Easel card done this week... Its a "Happy B'day" card with vintage look. Please check "our shop"for more deisgns..

I know my mobile camera doesn't do justice with the work and I need to buy a good camera soon :( But I hope u will be able to appreciate what has come with my galaxy phone. There is more to come in this series.. Stay connected! And please do share your feedback, it really means a lot.
Thanks for reading!
Smiles :)

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