Saturday, 22 December 2012

Introducing Memory Box..

Hello Frens,
This time I am sharing with you all - MEMORY BOX, an addition to our product range. In our quest to learn, experiment  and bring out something new and unique for our customers, lots of new products are created at our workstation. Some get their due place on our blog while others rest in our storage box ;)  Today, we present you this memory box in which you can capture a part of your life forever...
Technically, it can be defined as  "an enclosed glass-front case containing objects  which can include pictures, souveniers , quotations  or anything worth keeping. These objects of personal significance are presented in a thematic grouping to capture some of the precious memories." The box is covered with a semi-open frame to help you change things, when required.
Here are few pictures taken from the memory box done on order on the occasion of a couple's anniversary...

And here comes the full picture of the product...

Size of the box was approx 15" x 15". Different sizes and colors are available. This product can be customised based on the theme you choose. We would be happy to read your suggestions and feedback..Thanks for reading!!

Smiles :):)

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