Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Time to say goodbye to 2012!

Dear Frens,
Year 2012 brought the best for me... It was a year which gave me "kraftedwithsmile", so cant ask GOD and my dear husband for more. Thanks to both of them for bringing lots of smiles to me last year!! Wishing for lots more this year.. ;) [ Ya, I know there is no end! :P ]
Well, now I can't wait to get more creative this year.  With few orders lined up and lots of ideas ready to get its shape I welcome this year with all hopes and dreams!  I am very excited for this year and look forward for more creative adventures. Do look out for more cards, frames, name plates and other new products this year.. For now, I will leave you with my favourite works that I created in 2012.


As the year ends, I would like to thank you all for your encouragement and support! You association is valued a lotttt.. Keep pouring your love and blessings, We need them a lot! Wishing u all a very happy and health New Year. May this year brings SUCCESS n SMILES in everything u do..
Smiles :) :)

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