Saturday, 6 April 2013

Whatz happening?? Still not back ;)

Hello Frens,
Its been one of the busiest phase of my life.. There is so much happening @ personal font, that its keeping me away from my Internet world. But all the events that are occurring are actually "dream coming true" for me. After my 3 weeks US trip, its time for me to shift in my new house... My own house! :) Wow its such a good feeling while sharing with you all... Its one of those few events happening once in life.
So now you all know that I am busy finalising colors of the walls, shopping new home decor items, buying furniture and also setting up my craft room :) I am super excited for all these things but yes the unwanted delays from the labour are also getting on my nerve.. Anyhow, i just wish all shud go well even if takes little more time.

Craft work is going on parallely... But little slow. There are lots of project pending and just waiting for finishing.. We really apologise for the delays. Thanks to one ad all those who have been supporting us in this time. Means a lot!
Mahuratam is in these auspicious Navrate days.. Will update more from my new address now !
Keep smiling... Its the best gift you can give.


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