Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dreams does come true....

It's been actually months that I have been 'On' and more of 'Off' from my blog.. Fact is that at times it was more than weeks that I visited my blog myself. I feel so sad writing this but only I know how much I have missed being here.

I strongly believe  that everything that happens in life is for some good. I have been busy with some of the most beautiful moments of my life choosing what kind of Sofa I need or what color shud I paint my room, setting my wardrobe n revisiting some of the old collection -memories of our life, setting my kitchen, making my house a home.. After all this the best part has been the feeling of peace and satisfaction before going to the bed. there is a sense of achievment.. a sense of completing a milestone..and a desire to set a new goal now... And for all this I have to thank my darling husband. As we know home is where we are :)

After having said all this, I would also like to tell u all that all these things couldn't keep me away from my Kraft world.. Its just I cudnt update on internet but I did some new and amazing projects in this time. Thanks to you all out there for inspiring and encouraging me always..I would be sharing more on the projects in posts to come...so pls stay connected! 

Love and Smiles for one and all
God bless!

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