Monday, 1 July 2013

Framing the memories..

Hello frens,
I feel delighted and super excited to share that I am happily over loaded with work. So these days my kraft workstation is open day and night and I am working round the clock. :)i am doing multiple frames this time and am trying my best to make everyone look different from one another..
I am trying new techniques in my frames tis time... Also experimenting new color combinations and new mdf embellishments but what remains constant is my love of flowers, flowers and flowers... I wish flowers come raining down one day all the way from GOD's very own garden. Ameen :)

This time instead of designing around the pictures, I have created frame with provision to paste pictures. Here are few pictures for you all....

And yes, this time I would like to thank my dear husband for all his support, without which nothing of this would have been possible for sure.(lots of love)

Stay connected!
Love & Smiles :)

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