Thursday, 15 August 2013

Happy independence day!!

Hello frens,

This post was somehow left in my drafts... And I didnt write anythng for last 2 weeks, so just missed sharing this. Posting it on back (correct) date to keep in series...

4 months back we had moved to our new apartment, and life has been great ever since.. The feeling itself is so great to be in your own house and over that new furnishing makes it even more enjoyable..loving it!!  But ya, this post is especially to share the fun we are having in celebrating all the festivities together within our society. It was only in school days, when I last celebrated independence day this way. Feeling of watching our national flag being hoisted is so different than watching it on TV. Though i wish to do it myself one day. Ameen..!

Here, I would like to mention all the hard work put in by everyone in the society. After flag hoisting, we had cultural function and lunch party that day..Though, sadly I had to miss most part of it for some guests at home(sob sob:( ). Nevertheless, it was fun watching all energy and efforts little one's had put in. Here are some pictures of the celebrations...

A day before independence day, we had organised a drawing and painting competition for kids in our society. And I was honoured to have it planned and organised. I was surprised and very happy to see the reponse.. Total of 26 kids from age 3 till age 15 participated and they all were simply superb. They were divided in 3 groups based on class/age and were given different themes. Younger ones just coloured the pages and others painted on theme India / Independence day. I had one of the best time looking at all these kids showing their creative talents and one of the toughest time judging their work. I mean how can you rate or evaluate creative work that little ones do..  Kudos to all of them for participating and having a healthy competitive feeling. Feels proud!

I wish all of these lovely kids my bestest wishes for their future.. Hoping to have some more great time ahead...

Smiles for all :)

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