Tuesday, 3 September 2013

New product launch : Scrapbook !

Hola friends,

Formost, I would like to admit that I am not able to be regular with my blog. I really feel sorry for the same but only I know how hard I have been trying to be disciplined. ;) Friends, I would like to thank you for all your love and support. If it was not you all, I would not have been able to come so far.. Heartfelt thanks to you all.!

So here is what I did last month- scrapbooks scrapbooks and scrapbooks.. I enjoyed doing them so much that I feel I can do it forever. I choose 6x6 album size to begin with. I did different themes - vintage, lovie dovie red and colourful and vibrant blue. In all these first, I coloured the edges to make it look uniform and then crafted them with different pattern papers from my collection. It was important to choose the right set of sheets to make the album around the theme. 

The main page was embellished from beautiful collection of mulberry flowers and titled it as "memories". All the pages inside were given a hidden surprise element with pockets, accordions, and flip overs. Here are pictures for you of the vintage theme album and few others..

Thank you for all your love and affection. Say connected we have lots to share..

Smiles :)

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