Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Multifold album..

Hello friends, 
Here I present to you all, a multifold album. I did this base sometime back but couldn't complete the project as other orders were pouring in. Then finally someone requested for this product and I was so happy to take it back and do it for him. It was an express order to be completed in a day, as the couple has their first wedding anniversary the next day. 

So the first things first, I had to edit picture to go with the album theme. It was the toughest part, coz the pictures were so beautiful that I had no courage to take out colors from them. After all the trials, I think I was able to do justice to the pictures and keep the life in these beautiful pictures. God bless the lovely couple! :)

Now for the product, it's a paper fold album and is done using a multifold technique. This album has space for 6 full pictures and 4 smaller (long) ones. It also has 2 tags to pen down the message. I specially made the box cover for this and was happy to experiment the new design. Overall, I am quite satisfied with the outcome. Here are some pictures :

Thanks for reading. Please share your love and comments. It means a lot to us.. :)


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