Monday, 21 October 2013

Designer Envelope - do it in style !!

Hello frens,

Wedding season is here and so are the parties. Typically, wedding party means elaborate dress up, never ending options in dinner menu, lots of dance and of course a wedding gift for the family. And as per Indian tradition and culture we generally give 'Shagun - cash money' to the family to convey our best wishes. So this time, I thought why not do it in a style :) Here I present few designer envelopes that I made, that can be used for such occasions...
kraftedwithsmile_ designer_envelops_wedding_shagun_handmade
 kraftedwithsmile_ designer_envelops_wedding_shagun_handmade


Clutch style different colored envelopes with customized messages - am liking it. Hope you also do :) Stay connected for more..

Love and Smiles

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