Thursday, 23 January 2014

New World..New Beginning!

Hello Frens,

I know its been a while that I have not been out of blogosphere! But there was so much happening in life that I was not sure what to update and when to...  Things seems to have settle down a bit so here I am writing again( yeah not crafting but just writing)!! Foremost to share with you all, I have relocated to United states along with my dear husband. His job brought him here and as a package he brought me here (;)). Being with him makes me happy more than anything! Moreover I get to explore and experience new life, new culture. But in all this,  I had to keep my kraftedwithsmile back in India.

Atleast for now it is how it is...! Before coming, I had sold all my supplies and machine from cuttle bug to cameo to my paper stack, stamps, colors everything! I couldn't get everything relocated here in all that I carried in my 2 suitcases. Moreover I was not sure if I would be able to continue to work on same lines (:(). So in all, I have just packed a small bag of few embellishments and kept with me as souvenir back in my India house. I hope to get it here next time I go.
It has been fun and exciting here coz after all this is a hub of Paper craft! I have been going to different stores here and trust me its heaven out here! :) I feel like just grabbing all the supplies and get started again! There is so much new to learn , experience and experiment. I feel all excited and geered up! Sooner or later, full time or just as a hobby, I know I am gonna stay connected with my love for art ....
Would share more...soon!
Stay connected!
Love & Smiles

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