Thursday, 30 January 2014

Kids wooden Name Plaque!

Hellos friends,

There are few projects which I did before coming here.. Since I was busy packing my stuff, I didn't get time to share with you all. So here I am, sharing those projects in few of my next posts.. I would like to begin with the name plaque I did for my dear fren's daughter - Aahana. She is just adorable! All my love for her..  :)

This time with little more details of the project... I started off with the mdf board and got the lasic cut done from one of the industry around. I wanted to keep it 8mm thick but for some reason the board was 18 mm thick.! Good for me but not for the lasic machine... Cost went 3 times high because of the thickness. Nevertheless, when I saw the blocks it was worth the price! I have never seen anything like that in India on any of the craft store or online.. there are some standard alphabets designs ( which I love) but are 5-8 mm thick at the max. So what I had was something new...

I prepared the blocks by putting some primer and sanding off the extra (though it was little in this). I then painted it with the Royal red color and sealed with it the varnish. I follow this approach when I know am doing less of paper art on it. After that I had to put them outside for drying. Usually takes a day to get dry completely. Once the blocks were ready, I embellished them with flowers and pearls.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed the post! 

Love & Smiles

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