Sunday, 4 May 2014

For My Nest!

Hello All,
Its been few months now in this new place and it has started feeling good. It seems that basic setup at my house is up and I have almost everything I thought of. Recently I even bought a dining set which completes the major part of furniture shopping. But even with all these things, I was not getting a sense of completeness. Then I realised it was so, because of the empty walls. Hence my next project was to start doing something on this...
It would have been easy to go and buy frames or wall d├ęcor and put them on the wall. But I thought to use my time and do make something of my own. I wanted to use flowers, hanging around a base looking something like a bird house. I donno exactly how to put my thoughts in words, I simply started collecting whatever I could find with respect to my thoughts and here it is, how it turned out to be. Not exactly as I thought but I am happy with the outcome... ;)

I bought these pretty flowers from Michaels and this base basket from Ashley. Once I had completed the paint and flower arrangment around the basket, I made this canvas with the quote "When I saw You I fell in Love and You Smiled because you knew" to be kept inside it. Later I also added a small cage like candle holder. Few days later I replaced the quotation with the our picture inside. I think I will keep on changing that as and when I feel like..

There are few more projects I had started. Hope to finish them soon and share. I thank you all for stopping by. It means a lot! 
Love & Smiles :)

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